Market Segments


  • E.H. Price has decades of experience supplying product and system solutions for healthcare facilities.
  • The largest selection of Critical Environment products in the industry, fully tested and customized to meet your specialized requirements.
  • Complete systems and solutions with proven performance.
  • Compliance with the latest standards and project design requirements.

Laboratories, Pharmacies, Cleanrooms

  • E.H. Price offers specialized air distribution and fume hood control strategies to meet the requirements of the critical, cleanroom environments of laboratories and pharmacies and their sensitive processes.
  • E.H. Price Critical Environment products maintain the desired cleanliness level in laboratories without disrupting the sensitive process with unwanted drafts.


  • E.H. Price engineers environmental integrity into air distribution products and solutions that deliver safer, cleaner air to schools.
  • Technology strategies that address your goals.
  • Applications & specification assistance.
  • Outstanding, quality products.
  • Ongoing support & commissioning assistance.


  • E.H. Price represents some of the most well known and reliable products for
    the residential market as well.
  • We have the engineering expertise and industry knowledge you can count on when quoting residential projects.


  • E.H. Price offers an integrated design process where the contractors, engineers, architects and product manufactures collaborate to create a building that exceeds everyone’s expectations.
  • Systems provide a consistent high level of thermal comfort and indoor air quality from one corner of the facility to the other.
  • Mock-up room demos in the E.H. Price Laboratory are able to demonstrate the performance of products in a casino environment, complete with simulated slot machines and occupants.